26 dic. 2012

 Leather Jacket / Top  &  Open Cardigan 
(with hud - texture changeable)

19 dic. 2012

17 dic. 2012

inflated jacket - [M.o.w]

 Sarrouel Pants -  *chronokit*

chucks (texture changeable) - .:SS:.

16 dic. 2012

body - {ViSion}-S&F

skin - the body co.- (lilac light)

shape - made by me, if u like it im me: XxnenikahstylexX resident

pumps - KIKI

hair (christmas gift) - Miss C.

skin (Eve)- ( Fall In )

jacket & pants - [M.o.w]

pumps - KIKI

Winter Coat  & Jeans - [BuFu]

14 dic. 2012

tee pink & black - {by emi} (marketplace)

hair left g. -  (new)Ploom
hair right g. - Dela

skins - ( PRERELEASE) - ( Fall In )

boots left g. - Maitreya

boots right g. - (new) (r)M

outfit - Villena

boots - Maitreya

11 dic. 2012

parka black & bisque 
patchwork shirt

black boots - MAITREYA
cream boots - U.ONE
red sneakers - RERTY

6 dic. 2012

1st girl: blouse & jeans 
2nd girl: hoodie jacket & jeans
3th girl: jumpsuit

5 dic. 2012

i love it!!! TY TRILL!!

sweaters, scarfs and bags - BoHo HoBo

boots - Maitreya


30 nov. 2012


coat & skinny pants - villena

boots - maitreya

hair  - Dela

skin   lilac medium - body co.


jacket - u.one

pants -  Loose Jeans [Pumpkin]

boots - Kboots

hair - Burley

skin  jovanna pale - !R

1 nov. 2012

jacket - L&B Mesh Jacket "Moto" womens black - L&B

boots - corazon boot  - ISON 

cap - dl:: Officer's Cap - marketplace

31 oct. 2012

27 oct. 2012

*NEW* at M.O.W.

Hat: Le Soliel Hat (Entente)-Entente
Cardigan: Male Cardigan (M.O.W.)-[M.O.W.]
Tattoo: To the ends of the world (Blackfeet)-Blackfeet
Pants: Denim Black (Elygo)-{Elygo}
Shoes: Nike Blazers (Zone3)-[Z3]

20 oct. 2012

we look sexy together ツ yeaaahhh we are sexy


[19:11] ρєяƒєcтℓу cяαzу ツ (xxnenikahstylexx): i need u to tell me everything that you put: name garments, shops and landmark
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): atgh
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): argh
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): haha
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): back
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): jsut do you
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): dont put me
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): LOL
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): ahaha'
[19:13] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): im lazy atm
[19:13] ρєяƒєcтℓу cяαzу ツ (xxnenikahstylexx): ¬¬
[19:13] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): okay
[19:21] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): we look sexy together
[19:25] ρєяƒєcтℓу cяαzу ツ (xxnenikahstylexx): yeaaahhh we are sexy
[19:25] ρєяƒєcтℓу cяαzу ツ (xxnenikahstylexx): lol

19 oct. 2012

A casual Friday night

Hair: Khaos (RawHouse)-::RawHouse::
Ears: Stretched Ears Omimi (Mandala)-Mandala
Necklace: DogTags (TonkTastic)-TonkTastic
Jacket: Jacket Black (Pixlights)-Pixlights
Belt: Mungo Belt (Not So Bad)-Not So Bad
Jeans: Mungo Jeans (Not So Bad)-Not So Bad
Shoes: Rookies Zoom (Zone3)-[Z3]

18 oct. 2012

*NEW* at BuFu & Kal Rau

This two amazing stores presents the new products.
BuFu presents this nicely done Jacket and it's available in different colors.
Kal Rau presents the Skinny Denim Pants, it comes with a color change hud for the boxers and pants.

Hair: Khaos (RawHouse)-::RawHouse::
Ears: Stretched Ears Omimi (Mandala)-Mandala
Jacket: Falkoty Jacket (BuFu)-::BuFu::
Pants: Skinny Denim Pants (Kal Rau)-Kal Rau
Shoes: Stackz (2Real)-2Real

*NEW* at Flow

Hair: BMB103 (Boon)-*Boon
Ears: Stretched Ears Omimi (Mandala)-Mandala
Tattoo: To the ends of the earth (Blackfeet)-BlackFeet
Bracelet & Anklet: Cornucopia (Rozoregalia)-Rozoregalia
Shirt: Embau Tsf (Flow)-Flow
Pants: Boardshorts KS Red Fade (Flow)-Flow
Sandals: Jordan 12 Hydro Obsidian (Zone3)-[Z3]

So heartless...

Hey guys! hope you all are having a nice week. This is an outfit I saw from another blogger and I liked it so much that I had to blog it. Really nice quality textures on the clothes for a very low price.
This is a must!

Hair: Khaos (RawHouse)-::RawHouse::
Ears: Stretched Ears Omimi (Mandala)-Mandala
Chain: Rock'n'Rolla Gang Bang (NS)-NS
Shirt: Mesh Rolled Sleeves Heart (Iron Claw)-[IC]
Pants: Charcoal Minimal D pants (Aahakee)-AAHAKEE
Shoes: Stackz (2Real)-2Real

16 oct. 2012

*NEW* at Pumpkin

Jacket: Postman Jacket (Pumpkin)-[Pumpkin]
Pants: Low Jeans (Pumpkin)-[Pumpkin]

12 oct. 2012

*NEW* at Nytro

Cap: Custom Black Visior (Bufu)-::BuFu::
Shirt: Mesh Street Funny T-shirt (Nytro)-$$-NyTrO-$$
Pants: Mesh Street Dance Pants (Nytro)-$$-NyTrO-$$
Shoes: 10z Stealth (Zone3)-[Z3]

11 oct. 2012

*NEW* at Chronokit

New Shirt from Chronokit, available in different colors! It's a must guys, go get it!

Pic 1:
Hair: Meshair Rick (Cheerno)-CheerNo
Shirt: Shirts 04 GinghamCheck Black (Chronokit)-*Chronokit*
Pants: Military Sarrouel Black (Chronokit)-*Chronokit*
Shoes: Chuckz Taylorz (Zone3)-[Z3]

Pic 2:
Hair: Meshair Rick (Cheerno)-CheerNo
Shirt: Shirts 04 Plain White (Chronokit)-*Chronokit*
Pants: Military Sarrouel Navy (Chronokit)-*Chronokit*
Shoes: Chuck Taylorz (Zone3)-[Z3]

*NEW* at Nerd Monkey

Hair: Meshair Rick (Cheerno)-CheerNo
Hoodie: Radical Hooded (NerdMonkey)-[Nerd Monkey]
Pants: Calca HD (Cestar)-Cestar
Shoes: Black Cement 3s (Zone3)-[Z3]

*NEW* at BuFu & NiNight Creations

Pic 1:
Hair: Meshair Rick (Cheerno)-CheerNo
Glasses: Swing Flat Top (ShadZ)-ShadZ*
Shirt: Mesh Men Slim T-Shirt (Ninight Creations)-NiNight Creations
Pants: Mesh Shorts Pants Holder (Bufu)-::BuFu::
Shoes: Stackz (2Real)-2Real

Pic 2:
Hair: Meshair Rick (Cheerno)-CheerNo
Necklace: Karma Necklace (Mandala)-Mandala
Pants: Mesh Shorts Pants Holder (Bufu)-::BuFu::
Shoes: Stackz (2Real)-2Real

*NEW* at Nytro & NiNight Creations

Heya guys! Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, I had a family emergency in RL but I'm back again.

Here's a hooded shirt from NiNight Creations, it's available in different colors and it really looks amazing.
Pants are from Nytro and it's also available in different colors.

Hair: Meshair Rick (Cheerno)-CheerNo
Shirt: Long Sleeved Hooded T-Shirt (Ninight Creations)-NiNight Creations
Pants: Mesh Street Dance Pant (Nytro)-$$-NyTrO-$$
Shoes: Supra GrayPlain (Zone3)-[Z3]

8 oct. 2012

drink? noooo! xD only slightly

 Operator Hat : [SISU]
BLAKE hair - BlondeFun- [LeLutka] 
skin  Juicy - Hope - Normal- KATHAARIAN
eyes & tears - Izzie's
 BW Name Necklace - ~Pepper~
sape - done for me, if you like contact with me the name XxnenikahstylexX resident
JusTice Sneakers _HORNY NEW! NEW! by BLK2.0
Spirit Store - Elena rigged mesh shorts unisex blue -  Spirit Store -
Wearable Throwable Beer + Six Pack - marketplace


JusTice Sneakers_HORNY by BLK2.0

6 oct. 2012

grey hooded cardigan : [NV]
 Mara rigged mesh pants unisex : Spirit

red hooded cardigan :  [NV]
 Elena rigged mesh shorts :  Spirit

 Kykla rigged mesh pants :  Spirit
 Magnetized Sneakers : BLK
 NYN116 hair blonde RIGGED MESH: booN