20 oct. 2012

we look sexy together ツ yeaaahhh we are sexy


[19:11] ρєяƒєcтℓу cяαzу ツ (xxnenikahstylexx): i need u to tell me everything that you put: name garments, shops and landmark
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): atgh
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): argh
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): haha
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): back
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): jsut do you
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): dont put me
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): LOL
[19:12] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): ahaha'
[19:13] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): im lazy atm
[19:13] ρєяƒєcтℓу cяαzу ツ (xxnenikahstylexx): ¬¬
[19:13] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): okay
[19:21] ᴆᴙᴉғт (dr1ft): we look sexy together
[19:25] ρєяƒєcтℓу cяαzу ツ (xxnenikahstylexx): yeaaahhh we are sexy
[19:25] ρєяƒєcтℓу cяαzу ツ (xxnenikahstylexx): lol

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